How to Deal with and Heal from an Emotionally Immature Mother

This online masterclass series is specially designed for Adult Daughters who are seeking support and guidance in healing from the negative impacts of having an emotionally immature mother. 

 It's time to reclaim your emotional well-being and thrive despite the challenges of having an emotionally immature mother....

 Are you ready to break free from the cycle of emotional pain and reclaim your power?

Manifestations of Emotional Immaturity in Mothers that cause pain for Adult Daughters: 

Does your mother display any of these behaviors?

  • Only surface-level conversations are possible
  • Petty behaviors, gossip, backbiting, retaliation or just drama
  • Rigidity in views, black or white views of right or wrong
  • May have been authoritarian or ascribe to old school parenting styles
  • Resistant to seeing you as a full adult, you’ll always be a child to her
  • Not interested in inner work or self-examination, dismisses therapy or self-help
  • Attention-seeking and appearances strongly influence her motivations
  • Won’t accept help or help herself but will complain often and loudly
  • Constantly under stress or in crisis, feels helpless or victimized
  • Seems spooked by deep emotions, doesn’t want to “work through” conflict
  • Doesn’t understand why people don’t “get over it” and move on
  • Prefers to “push things under the rug” and pretend things are fine
  • Critical of you, surveys, compares and evaluates you to some degree
  • Doesn’t put in any effort to see you, can’t be bothered, always an excuse
  • Is very anxious and would like to be in constant contact with you
  • You feel you have to do most of the work in the relationship, it’s all on you
  • Indignant and entitled, guilt-trips are common
  • She’s more kind to you the worse you’re doing; when you’re well, she’s distant

Do these sound familiar?  If so, keep reading...

Adult daughters of Emotionally Immature Mothers Commonly Struggle with things like:

  •  Self-doubt: Questioning whether you are enough or have enough to meet some standard in various areas of your life
  • Self-sabotage: Acting against your own best interests when it’s time to make a choice or decision that reflects what you truly want for yourself
  • Self-betrayal: Breaking commitments you have made to yourself to stay true to what you need or value in the face of the demands of other people
  • Self-abandonment: Due to low self-esteem, erasing your own needs or values in favor of someone who benefits from your lack of boundaries or self-worth
  • Self-sacrificing behaviors: Putting oneself last and people-pleasing in the hopes that will elicit a sense of belonging and connection with other people
  • Silencing oneself: An underlying belief that voicing one’s true needs and feelings is inherently threatening to the viability of their relationships. 

If you can relate to these challenges, there is nothing wrong with you. 

These are coping mechanisms and learned adaptations from childhood.

The good news is that now as adults we can come to terms with what we endured in the past, learn to grieve and move into empowering new choices and behaviors that reflect greater personal sovereignty, self-worth and self-respect.

It’s possible to learn how to deal with and heal from an Emotionally Immature mother and step into more inner peace and empowerment including.... 

  • Owning the legitimacy of your own needs, limits, boundaries as inherently valid 
  •  Unapologetically and non-defensively using your voice to honor and protect yourself whenever that is called for
  • No longer conflating having self-respect with being selfish or mean to others
  • Being able to hold both compassion for others AND your own boundaries at the same time
  • Recognizing when other people don’t have the capacity to value you due to their own stuff without blaming them or taking it personally
  • Healthy discernment when evaluating your non-negotiables in your relationships without anxiety or fear
  • Feeling secure as the sole authority of what is right, best and true for you
  • Taking full responsibility for what you give the power to upset you
  • Enjoying the process of refining how you show up in your life and your relationships with integrity and authenticity
  • Viscerally feeling an increasing internal safety that no matter what happens out there in the world you'll be OK
  • Befriending your solitude as a source of nourishment, which reduces pressure on the need for external people to "complete you"
  • And so much more!! 

Are you ready to stop….

  • Dealing with crushing fatigue and emotional exhaustion after seeing your mother?

  • Needing days to recover after visits with her that leave you questioning your worth?

  • Feeling dread and trepidation around upcoming visits with your mother?

  • Feeling plagued by guilt when your mother inevitably makes you feel responsible for her feelings?

  • Feeling shame in response to meanspirited, petty, cutting or gaslighting comments from your mother?

  • Feeling on an emotional rollercoaster of rage and pity towards your immature mother?

  • Wondering why it feels impossible to connect with her in a meaningful way no matter how much effort you put into making it happen?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this online masterclass series is for you!

Key Benefits of this Online Series:

  • Gain deep insights into the dynamics of emotionally immature mothers and their impact on daughters' well-being so that you can stop blaming yourself for what you cannot control

  • Learn practical coping strategies and boundary-setting techniques to protect your mental and emotional health

  • Discover empowering tools and techniques to foster emotional resilience and self-care practices

  • Benefit from Bethany's 10 years of experience coaching women with emotionally immature mothers so that you can save time and accelerate your healing journey

The time is Now…

This is NOT about blaming our mothers but about taking full personal responsibility for our own lives so that we do not pass our own pain down to others. This is about breaking the cycle to free ourselves and future generations. Are you ready?

Here’s what will be covered in each of the Sessions in this Online Masterclass Series:

What you will learn in Session 1: 

  • Common Experiences of Adult Daughters of Emotionally Immature mothers
  • Definition and Characteristics of Emotionally Immaturity in mothers
  • Manifestations of Emotional Immaturity in Mothers of Adult daughters
  • How having an Emotionally Immature Mother impacts your Adult Relationships
  • The Developmental Origins of Emotional Immaturity in mothers
  • The 4 False Conclusions from Childhood that can persist and hold us back
  • The Negative Impacts during Childhood of having an Emotionally Immature Mother
  • Overview of the many things that we must grieve as adult daughters as we heal from Emotionally Immature mothers
  • The 4 important mindsets that you must have to effectively heal from an Emotionally Immature mother
  • Session 1 comes with a robust workbook that includes exercises and reflections designed to help you process what you learn


What you’ll learn in Session 2: 

  • The 3 important milestones in the healing process
  • The key role of Grief in creating emotional differentiation from your mother
  • Embracing Anger as an important ally on your healing journey
  • Key Mindsets for engaging with an Emotionally Immature Mother
  • Top 10 tips for how to interact with an Emotionally Immature mother
  • Mindsets and tools for filling the Mother Gap and healing the inner child
  • 5 key things you need to remember for the long-term healing journey 
  • Session 2 comes with a robust workbook with exercises and reflections designed to help you process what you learn

What you get when you enroll:

  • 3 hours of Video content presented by Bethany Webster, Author, Coach and Mother Wound Expert

  • 2 beautiful workbooks packed with exercises and reflections to support your learning process

  • Lifetime Access to the Masterclass Series to watch and review at your convenience

Course curriculum

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    Session 2

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    • Glossary: Mother Wound Psychology

    • Congratulations!

Start Healing Today!

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A Note From Bethany

Hello! My name is Bethany Webster.  As a writer, coach, and speaker, my work is focused on helping women to heal the “Mother Wound” and discover their Inner Mother.

In this pre-recorded masterclass series, we will explore the impact of an Emotionally Immature Mother on our early development and its manifestations in our lives today. 

Bringing these unconscious patterns into the light of consciousness greatly reduces their power to control our thoughts and behaviors, and liberates us to embody more sovereignty and bold self-ownership without shame, modeling new ways of being for girls and young women at a time when “cycle-breaking” women are needed more than ever.

Will you join me in breaking the cycle?