Holidays offer us new opportunities to do things differently.

  • To empower us, highlighting how much we’ve grown AND to get clarity on the areas that still trigger us with our families

  • To come to a deeper understanding of what we have the power to change and what we need to accept as unchangeable in ourselves and our families

  • To take radical responsibility and show up for ourselves with compassion in ways that our family members do not have the capacity to

Ultimately, approaching the holidays mindfully is a powerful gift to yourself.

This approach gives you the experience of a new outcome that honors you in ways that your early family experiences could not. This course guides you to create a visceral experience of embodying your own sovereignty in the midst of painful family dynamics.  

Learn how to be guided by your own integrity rather than feeling trapped by family rules, obligations, and expectations.  

Our best gift to others is our own lives working. When we model new ways of being, it also gives our relatives new choices of how to be (even if their personalities don’t like it in the moment).

This Mini-Course will teach you:

  • The main reason why the holidays can cause major stress between mothers and daughters

  • The two key things you need to peacefully navigate the holidays if you have a challenging relationship with your mother

  • A brief step-by-step process to ensure you stay centered during the holidays

  • The critical role of inner and outer support in making the holidays enjoyable

  • A key question to help you navigate sticky family situations

  • Tips if you have low/no contact with your mother

This Holiday Toolkit is for you if…

  • You dread the holidays due to some degree of family dysfunction

  • You feel pressured to meet family expectations each year and end up feeling guilty or frustrated

  • You have a difficult relationship with your mother

  • Your holidays are stressful due to triggering situations and dynamics with your mother

  • You want to learn practices for how to honor yourself while navigating painful family dynamics and patterns

What past participants say

The Holiday Empowerment Toolkit was a God-sent gift!


“After setting stricter boundaries with my mother I wanted to be prepared for the holidays and started to set up a plan for my time visiting her. The Holiday Empowerment Toolkit was a God-sent gift at the right point in time and supported me in taking the needed steps towards a healthy and empowered holiday season. I couldn't recommend it more!”



“This was so wonderful. It just kept getting even better and better. It seemed every time I had a question on my mind Bethany would move to that as her next point! I especially loved her sharing the great way she celebrated her first no-contact holiday with her Little Bethany. Priceless!”

You have given me a foundation on which to make empowering changes.


“I’m very grateful that you are doing this work. You have given me a foundation on which to make empowering changes in my life regarding my relationship with my mother. I feel supported, validated, and relieved. Thank you!!”

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome to the Holiday Empowerment Toolkit!

    • About Your Teacher - Bethany Webster

  • 2

    Introduction + Workbook

    • How the Course is Structured

    • Download the Workbook

  • 3

    Day 1: How to transform holiday stress into empowerment

    • Core content video

  • 4

    Day 2: Prepare to shift your holiday experience

    • Core content video

  • 5

    Day 3: Create your Holiday Empowerment Plan!

    • Core content video

  • 6

    Day 4: Navigating low/ no-contact and the importance of self-care

    • Core content video

  • 7

    Day 5: The Mother Wound and why it’s important to heal it

    • Core content video

    • Congratulations!

  • 8

    Bonus Module: About the Online Course + Recorded Q&A

    • Bonus video

  • 9

    Next Steps...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

Get Empowered for the Holidays!

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A note from Bethany

My name is Bethany Webster. I’m considered the world’s leading expert in helping women heal the “Mother Wound." I’m thrilled that you are considering joining the Holiday Empowerment Toolkit. This mini-course is packed with insights and tools that can help you navigate challenging family gatherings so that you can be your most empowered and sovereign self around your family of origin. Even though the holidays can be emotionally challenging and stir up old patterns and dynamics, they offer us a chance to step into greater integrity and self-actualization. I'm excited to show you how. I look forward to seeing you inside the mini-course!