Embody Bolder Boundaries

with confidence and clarity

Arguably, the pressures on women have never been more intense as we face the necessary dismantling of many of the systems that have formed the foundation of our world for centuries.

Many of us are caught between the old expectations and norms of what has been expected of us AND a new, raw sense that “something has got to give.”

These mounting pressures offer us an opportunity to reevaluate and reassess what our limits genuinely are, to become more inwardly attuned to what is right for us, and to befriend our window of tolerance, allowing us to live in a way that respects and honors our values and boundaries.

Part of this realignment is learning to embody bolder boundaries with confidence and clarity, no longer sacrificing ourselves for the dysfunctional status quo in the hopes of preserving outdated identities or trauma-based dynamics that have our subjugation baked in.

While we are still part of systems that are set up to exploit and fail us as women and mothers, we do hold some measure of power and choice in how we choose to show up in those systems, including our families, workplaces, and relationships.

This is an internal shift that sets us up for new external effects and possibilities. This takes courage, grit, and readiness.

Are you ready? I know you have what it takes.

I Created This Workshop For YOU!

Last year I put out a survey, and the results are in: 
Over 50% of those women shared that they struggle with BOUNDARIES.

Here are some of their replies:

"I struggle with establishing & maintaining boundaries with a partner who gaslights and doubles down."

"I'm challenged to be a boundaried AND feminine woman."

"I have become less reactive but there is still that moment where I am taken off guard and freeze when someone inadvertently crosses a boundary I didn’t know I had."

"I would love to have key phrases of empowerment in those moments to help me move out of feeling paralyzed and into my sovereignty."


This Workshop Is For You If

you answer YES to one or more of these questions:

  • Do you find yourself struggling with the pressures of what you SHOULD do?

  • Do you struggle with burnout or exhaustion but don’t know how to say No?

  • Do you find yourself feeling afraid of disappointing other people?

  • Do you fear blowback from others and so hide or minimize your desires or needs to keep the “peace?”

  • Do you long to become easily direct and clear about your feelings but are unsure how to show up that way?

  • Are you looking for some guidance about how to let go of people-pleasing and over-functioning?

This Pre-Recorded Workshop Will Teach You

  • How the Mother Wound is related to our struggles with setting healthy boundaries.

  • The surprising ways that the inner child plays a key role in embodying bolder boundaries.

  • Women as WORTHY: Exploring the bold values that underpin healthy boundaries.

  • The roles of exhaustion and joy in discerning where our "window of tolerance" truly lies.

  • The #1 thing you can start doing immediately to set bolder boundaries.

  • The role of surrender, “Letting the chips fall where they may” and when to use it.

  • Breaking the cycle: How the skill of embodying bolder boundaries is a crucial everyday practice of healing from patriarchy and becoming a sovereign woman.

What People Are Saying About This Work

For the first time in my life I’ve learned how to set healthy boundaries and respect myself

– Magdalena

For the first time in my life I’ve learned how to set healthy boundaries and respect myself. I’m so much more at peace with Life and what it brings. I’m not afraid of triggers anymore, because I’ve learnt they are the portals to my inner self.

I am grateful to Bethany for this work and recommend it highly!

– Gloria

I am so happy to notice that I feel both stronger (aware of my boundaries and able to take of my own needs and feelings) and softer (compassionate and open-hearted toward my little girl self, my current self, and other people). I am grateful to Bethany for this work and recommend it highly!

I feel truly liberated.

– J.Winfield

How do I feel now? I feel truly liberated. I have respectful and healthy boundaries with the parts of myself that can pressurize and overwhelm me. There is a deeper intimacy with my inner child, Little Jen.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Workshop!

    • Welcome from Bethany

    • Introduction to the Embody Bolder Boundaries Workshop

  • 2

    Overview + Workbook

    • Content Overview

    • Download the Workbook

  • 3

    Workshop Video

    • Video: Embodying Bolder Boundaries

  • 4


    • Supportive Articles

    • Glossary: Mother Wound Psychology

    • Congratulations!

  • 5

    Bonus Webinars

    • Bonus Video: The Mother Wound and why it’s important to heal it

    • Bonus Video: Healing the Mother Wound Online Course Info

Take The 90-minuteWorkshop

Begin setting boundaries with ease.
**This is a pre-recorded workshop.**

A Note From Bethany

Hello! My name is Bethany Webster.  As a writer, coach, and speaker, my work is focused on helping women to heal the “Mother Wound” and discover their Inner Mother.

In this pre-recorded workshop, we will explore the role of the Mother Wound in our struggle with boundaries and the patriarchal values we internalized as little girls that set us up for self-betrayal and an illusion of a payoff that never comes.

Bringing these beliefs into the light of consciousness greatly reduces their power to control our thoughts and behaviors, and liberates us to embody more sovereignty and bold self-ownership without shame, modeling new ways of being for girls and young women at a time when “cycle-breaking” women are needed more than ever.

Will you join me in breaking the cycle?

Verified Course Reviews

5 star rating

Mind-blowing in a positive way

Eszter Bove

It was as if Bethany was talking from inside my head and directly to me. Her wisdom and presentation style is next to none. I'm forever grateful.

It was as if Bethany was talking from inside my head and directly to me. Her wisdom and presentation style is next to none. I'm forever grateful.

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